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8th Avenue Medical Center



New Year, New Goals


Hopefully the end of COVID-19 brings a healtheir life. To be able to beat the virus, we have to take care of our overall health.


For many, getting to good health includes

  • Losing weight
  • Eating healthy
  • Exercising

Let us help.


8th Avenue Medical Center can define a weight loss program incuding diet plans and natural appetite suppression, combined with an exercise plan.


Our Weight Loss Plan Works


We offer a medically sound, sustainable plan for good health. This is not one of the quick-loss fads being advertised. Only people with serious intentions should apply. If that describes you, please call us at 412-462-6001.


About Us

We put great value on personal relationships with our patients. Whether at the reception desk or in the examination room, you'll feel attended to at all times.


Full range of internal medicine services

Bariatric Medicine (medical weight loss)

Management of Diabetes, High Cholersterol, High Blood Pressure, Physicals and Health Screening, Acute Illness



Visit our sister practice: Greenleaf Compassion

A practice specialing in cannabinoid evaluation and management

  • Medical Marijuana Eligibility Evaluation
  • Medical Marijuana Card Application Assistance
  • Medical Use of CBD
  • Certified Medical CBD Products